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Multigenre Texts About Media Icons


The Zine is CGU’s very first student publication that creates space for creative expression in the diverse voices that make up this community.


From Theory to Practice

  • Multigenre projects provide opportunities for in-depth experiences with topics. Supporting students in planning and organizing information allows them to write with purpose and passion in multigenre projects.

  • The Facts–Questions–Interpretations (FQI) method developed by the authors can help students move from dry facts to rich interpretation.
Students working with visual “texts” need the technical skills to manipulate text, image, and color, but they also need to understand how these elements work together to create meaning.
Successful media communicators
  • understand the communication process

  • recognize the purpose of the communication

  • know what they want to say

  • understand the characteristics of the media used to communicate

  • can identify their audience

  • are able to use feedback to ensure that the audience comprehends the message

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