Zines for Kids
Multigenre Texts About Media Icons


The Zine is CGU’s very first student publication that creates space for creative expression in the diverse voices that make up this community.


Student Assessment/Reflections

  • While students are working on their individual projects, make note of their writing strengths and needs.

  • Use the Rubric For Digital/Visual Literacy to assess students’ strengths and needs in both technology and writing.

  • Compare students’ Facts–Questions–Interpretations charts with their completed projects, and assess how well they succeeded in representing their interpretations through their projects.

  • Use the Rubric and Anecdotal Chart for Multigenre Writing to assess each category of writing in terms of how well it reflects the genre. Include anecdotal comments in the space provided.

  • Have students do a self-assessment of their projects using the handout My Own Zine Evaluation.



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